Who we are:

TRUTH is our core value as well as our motto, we bring this motto to our ministry in school, striving to teach our students to speak and act honestly in all areas of their life.

Sr. Suzanne Dolan with Staff Members

Srs. Sheila Mullins and Mary Dempsey with Staff Members

This is what we do

Here at Dominican Convent School, we are a community of faith, grounded in the principals of truth, freedom of expression, discovering a pupil's talent, and striving to become the best of citizens who promote tolerance, and value diversity. This community encourages students by using modern techniques of education. We apply critical thinking skills in our classrooms to practice a whole class learning programme, thus helping students to recognize their potential. DCS inspires and empowers its learners in becoming responsible citizens with a set of core values, mindfulness, and compassion to make a positive difference in their World.

This is how we do it:

We encourage a "can do" attitude thus helping children to develop independence in their learning and thinking. Parents, teachers, and the school administration always collaborate in the enhancement of a student's social and cultural wellbeing. Effective learning is cultivated and students are encouraged to reveal their undiscovered talents and develop them. The school provides an environment that is secure, safe and conducive to learning.